Take over the world in “Civilization”


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    • For max weber, a German social theorist, it was the Protestant work ethic that powered capitalism and thus Europe’s success in conquering the world. In “Guns, Germs and Steel” Jared Diamond thought the key to dominance was geography. For Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, authors of “Why Nations Fail”, the important thing is inclusive institutions—governments designed to serve a whole nation, not just a venal elite.

    • For the players of “Civilization VI”, the latest in a series of video-games that has now lasted almost three decades, such debates are more than academic.

    • Follow Mr Diamond’s advice and settle in the right environment—around fertile plains and mountains—and your people will thrive.

    • Jane Smith

      Messrs Acemoglu and Robinson are useful, too: unless you choose the right institutions you will eventually be overcome.

    • Jane Smith


Viewing 4 reply threads
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